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Beginner Samba – new time & date

Our regular Beginner Samba class is now moved to Thursday.

Same location: Baza Dance Studios (1304 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC)

New Time: 6 – 7 pm

Starting March 2022, our classes are also changing the format. Now you can register for 4 weeks course. No drop-ins will be accepted for the time of the session. Please register ahead, there are only 7 spots available.

These 4 classes are designed to work on consistent improvement of your samba from “don’t know anything about samba” to “I know the steps, I recognize the music, and I am not even shy to dance a little if you ask”.

Let’s samba together. Follow us on Instagram @vancouversambaschool for daily updates & videos.

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Samba Heels & Samba Drills

Welcome to 2022 samba season.

We are focusing on improving technique and improvisation skills in February and March 2022. In order to feel better about every aspect of samba dance, Vancouver Samba School introduced a new class – Samba Heels – and also opened Samba Drills class for all L2 students.

What to expect? Greatness and easiness. We are working on helpful drills to improve your samba step, speed and coordination, as well as together we come up with small and fun choreos. This process truly helps to work on that creativity and musicality that every dancer has, as well as it leaves a feeling of satisfaction after we dance as a team.

Samba heels classes bring all your training and dancing to the next level. Starting minute one when we put those beautiful shoes, the exploration of the movement and samba starts. Focusing on feeling free to walk, dance and express when in high heels, learning how to control your steps and transfer body weight in the easiest possible way. All this comes in a very safe and warm space. Come play with us.

Classes Tuesday and Friday, 5- 6.30 pm
Location: One Thousand Rivers Studio
Drop-in rate: 25 CAD


Samba classes in November

We are going strong with Fall 2021 samba classes in Vancouver and growing our preformance team. Give us a call or email to find out more and to register for the last 8 classes of the year.

If you are interested in peformances and Samba Shows for December, reach out now so we can organize the best show possible. Samba has its unique magic and we want you to experience it. From beginner to pro #SambaUnites


Samba classes in October, 2021

New class schedule and more samba this fall. We added new samba class weekly to make your life even more exciting, meaningful and beautiful. Samba Drills class is now opened for everyone who likes the challenge and has samba experience. Call us to join the fun. Samba Team training is now scheduled for Friday for those who want to do extra in life, be a performer and gain unique show experience & build friendship and connections with teammates. Samba Beginner class is our most favourite way to introduce you to this beautiful culture and dance art of Brazil. We all start somewhere. #SambaUnites


Samba show -Carnaval Del Sol 2021

We are inviting everyone to watch our most exciting and beautiful samba show with 5 back to back choreographed dance performances, solos and very unique skills infused in our samba showcase.

We guarantee you have not seen such beauty before. We have students on stage with more than 40 years age difference, from all continents of the world, various nationalities and believes… and guess what unites us on one stage? SAMBA and Carnaval del Sol 2021

Thursday, August 12, 6.30 pm

get your tickets on


Samba Wedding Shows

Summer 2021 brings us joy and options of indoor and outdoor celebrations. Vancouver Samba School anticipated the thrill and prepared professional dance show to add a little more festivity to your special occasion and to surprise guests & hosts with colorful, energetic and fantastic samba performance. Click here for more

We have prepared 10 – 25 min show that will make everyone dance and smile and be inspired, and will take you to the exotic world of Brazil.

For bookings call 778-926-0225 or email

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to see our work.

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Stretch Flow

Let’s stretch & flow, New Westminster

We are happy to announce our new class, Stretch Flow, at the new location and city, New West.

Over 2 years of teaching Brazilian samba, private classes, fitness, stretch and dance classes, we have been asked many times to get closer to Burnaby, New West and Surrey, etc. With the constant changes, closures and restrictions in 2020-21 it was quite a journey to make it happen. But, finally we have negotiated the best studio in New Westminster and happy to bring a new class to everyone of you.

Please register to enjoy the flow and to start your 1 hour full body flexi-experience. Great atmosphere, music, easy to follow instructions, attention and individual approach to each student, small group training is the way to go. If you have a stretching goal, you might start marking your “before” and check back in 8 classes with “after”.

E-transfer to to reserve your spot as there are only 8 spots available.

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May you dance with ConfiDance

In April, we introduced a new private class that had so much positive feedback and demand. This is a customized class that Yulia has been offering privately since November 2020. In May we will continue to dance with existing private students and will open 5 more spots for new clients.

This class is great to boost your self-esteem, to prepare a surprise dance gift for someone special, to practice moves that you always wanted to learn, but never had anyone to teach or encourage you. It could be a preparation for any performance, event, occasion, it could be a partner dance. We offer this class for teenagers who are somewhat lost in what they want to do after finishing semi-pro sports career (eg., gymnastics, figure skating, etc.). Men have also requested this class to prepare themselves for “Magic Mike” shows at home… Anything that makes you feel awesome when you look at yourself in the mirror and specially when you see your own dance video recordings.

Let’s dance! Book your session here.

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Samba Dream photo session experience

If you ever wanted to have a unique and interesting photo session experience where you dress to impress in a very beautiful samba costume (fantasia) and become a shining star and a samba queen… this is for you!

2 hours experience that includes:

  1. Choosing the best fitting fantasia for you
  2. Learning how to wear the costume and a crown
  3. Posing & smiling (with @Yulia_MangaRosa assisting you)
  4. @Ares_Mercado editing 10 fantastic pictures
  5. Learning about samba dance & music & culture while in the process

You can also request a samba class and more pictures of even a video of you dancing? So many ideas to build awesome memories, your social media or just to make your dream come true!

Book now and send us e-transer using this link.

Dance Mobility Promo

Plan your Spring 2021

We are opening registration for our new Dance Mobility class.

The first term was a success, so we decided to extend this class for another 8 weeks to see more improvements for current students and to invite new participants to try the class and to stay motivated and inspired to move.

It’s time to groove, stretch, balance yourself and to get to know new people and take those classes home for self-practice. Come learn and dance and move with us.

E-mail or message to register:

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Small Business BC awards

This is very exciting to be nominated for both awards, Best Community Impact and Best Immigrant Entrepreneur. If you feel like we have contributed to your life by introducing you to samba or giving you space and community to dance your favourite dance then please vote for us!

If you know Yulia’s journey and think she can set some example for future immigrants and can encourage and motivate all future entrepreneurs, please vote for us!

It takes 2 minutes, but it means a world for us (please verify the vote via e-mail). VOTE HERE.

Thank you

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DANCE MOBILITY CLASS is now a part of curriculum for Vancouver Samba School!

This class is designed for dancers of all styles, those who don’t like pure stretching in silence or holding positions for way too long and those who enjoy the flow and groove and going with the beat. This class will connect you more with your body and will improve your flexibility, control, alignment and knowledge! Read more here.

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Private Classes registration is opened now

Now that we have successfully completed 3 months session of Samba L2 and all the videos have been recorded, we are happy to work on your dancing needs and requests on demand now (even if it’s not samba dance) and to improve your technique or just to have a fun class in person!

Reach out and book your private session with Yulia here.

1 hour in-person classes are available in studio, at your location or online.

Let’s dance!

Black Friday


This is our sign of appreciation to all the clients and student who’ve ever attended and purchased samba classes with Vancouver Samba School! Enjoy your safe classes from home, learn new moves, get your cardio done, elevate your spirit, feel the joy of dance and learn about samba!

50% selected classes, including 7 classes package!

Let’s spend the rest of 2020 dancing!


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Vancouver Samba Birds team is always training, learning and improving to offer the best Samba experience for your event. Whether it’s a Birthday celebration, Christmas or any corporate event, we can personalize the performance, choose the best costumes to stand out and follow your theme, and also customize the show itself.

Email or connect on Instagram and Facebook for more information.