We all love fun, respectful, easy going and welcoming atmosphere in class, and the best part about it is that we are all responsible for creating one. Every dance student is contributing to the ambience and the energy of the class, including you. It’s amazing to be a creator of the class little world that enriches your other life and gives you enough light, confidence and power, and eventually lets to bring that joy outside of the dance studio. To emphasize the importance of everyone’s contribution, we would like to introduce you to the class rules and general policies. 

General Policies

    1. We use Social media (instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, other) to promote & facilitate classes and to communicate internally.
      –  Please sign Media Release form before your 1st class to make allow us to freely take videos and pictures in class, and to use those to the best of everyone’s interests.
      – We use WhatsApp for internal communication (class and events announcements & daily updates). Please provide your phone number & download the app to stay informed, united and connected.
      – We use Google Drive to store class videos and other recordings. Please provide your email address and make sure you have the videos you might need. There will be shared access to the related folders, however the access is not forever (time limit is upon teacher’s discretion).
      – We use YouTube for pre-recorded class videos and other promotional videos for internal or external use. Please follow @VancouverSambaSchool to stay updated on new videos. Class videos that are not for sale are private. 

    1. We start classes on time & sometimes we like to share important news and updates, knowledge about samba and Brazilian culture, or have chit-chats. Come on time to properly warm up and stay a little longer not to miss the mingling.

    1. We are part of dance community and we share space with those who train before and after us, so please leave no trace (no garbage), come in clean & appropriate shoes (change or barefoot) and also remember about “no scent” policy that is common for every dance environment. We sweat in the same room, remember to have a towel if you need one and wear clean sport wear.

    1. We love you use your phone to communicate, but turn it off during the class (unless you are on call or you know you have to stay alert), use common sense to not disrupt the class and be respectful.

    1. We love you film, edit and be a video guru, but ask before you record something in class.  Ask the teacher if it’s a right time. Also, remember that you are not alone in the room, and others might not want to be your photo-bombs. But yes, we want you share samba love online, please remember to tag @VancouverSambaSchool so we can share the joy.

    1. Pay attention, don’t talk over the teacher, stay for the entire class. These are simple things that make you a stellar learner.

    1. Start where you are, take what you can, do your best and leave the rest. Don’t dwell on things you could not do in class, praise yourself for the fact that you showed up and tried something you’ve never done before! Progress requires discipline. Discipline starts from you showing up and being present during the class.

    1. Trust your teacher. Sometimes requesting to teach some moves or work on specific sequences does not show your eagerness to learn, rather shows your mistrust in the process. Be patient, your teacher can see what you and others in class need for better progress.

    1. We love to provide feedback during the class and after, so please be ready to receive. 


    1. Classes are non-refundable, sessions cannot be pro-rated or moved towards the next session. We make commitment based on your commitments.

    1. If you register for 2 sessions (excl. samba intro), you can make up two (2) missed classes by attending Samba Intro class at no extra cost. If you register for 1 session, you can make up 1 class in the same season.

    1. Sessions have to be fully paid before starting your first class. Please confirm that your payment was received.

    1. Session will be cancelled 24 hours before start date and refunded within 1 week, if there are less than 3 enrolled students. Make sure to register beforehand to avoid cancellations.

    1. In case dance facilities close, we will use reasonable efforts to schedule a make-up class in accordance with the instructor’s availability and taking into consideration the availability of the students. If a student is unable to attend a scheduled make-up class, no further make-up class will be offered.

    1. Drop-in fees must be paid before a class. Please e-transfer or pay cash before attending.

    1. Gift certificate can be purchased towards specific class session. Non-refundable & valid for the next 6 months.