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Samba Heels & Samba Drills

Welcome to 2022 samba season.

We are focusing on improving technique and improvisation skills in February and March 2022. In order to feel better about every aspect of samba dance, Vancouver Samba School introduced a new class – Samba Heels – and also opened Samba Drills class for all L2 students.

What to expect? Greatness and easiness. We are working on helpful drills to improve your samba step, speed and coordination, as well as together we come up with small and fun choreos. This process truly helps to work on that creativity and musicality that every dancer has, as well as it leaves a feeling of satisfaction after we dance as a team.

Samba heels classes bring all your training and dancing to the next level. Starting minute one when we put those beautiful shoes, the exploration of the movement and samba starts. Focusing on feeling free to walk, dance and express when in high heels, learning how to control your steps and transfer body weight in the easiest possible way. All this comes in a very safe and warm space. Come play with us.

Classes Tuesday and Friday, 5- 6.30 pm
Location: One Thousand Rivers Studio
Drop-in rate: 25 CAD

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