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Samba Dream photo session experience

If you ever wanted to have a unique and interesting photo session experience where you dress to impress in a very beautiful samba costume (fantasia) and become a shining star and a samba queen… this is for you!

2 hours experience that includes:

  1. Choosing the best fitting fantasia for you
  2. Learning how to wear the costume and a crown
  3. Posing & smiling (with @Yulia_MangaRosa assisting you)
  4. @Ares_Mercado editing 10 fantastic pictures
  5. Learning about samba dance & music & culture while in the process

You can also request a samba class and more pictures of even a video of you dancing? So many ideas to build awesome memories, your social media or just to make your dream come true!

Book now and send us e-transer using this link.

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