Member Spotlight, July 2020

One of the questions asked by The Dance Centre for the Member Spotlight .

How have you adapted during the pandemic and how has this impacted on how you engage with your work now? 

Almost immediately I have switched to teaching online, live streaming beginner classes and preparing pre-recorded classes and virtual team training. It was a challenge to learn a new teaching skill when talking to the computer and dancing on my own in the living room, projecting my energy to imaginary students and making sure I communicate daily with the team. However, having online lessons now is a dream that came true. Also, this was a very productive time to train with the best Samba teachers from Brazil. Currently, …. READ MORE HERE

Robson Square Solo performance

Summer Samba Series

Ready to meet Summer 2020 with a lot of Samba classes, mood and vibes?
We are releasing a new series of pre-recorded Samba Level 2 classes available for purchase, as well as new Zoom Live sessions opened for anyone with #Samba experience to join.

Have you always wanted to polish your Samba skills? Have you wanted to take time for yourself and dance like nobody is watching? Have you always wanted to take Samba class on your own pace? Or may be you just really wanted to challenge yourself with 70 min Samba cardio… wanted to join the team for future performances, wanted to enjoy dancing with a group of positive and wonderful women? Whichever “why are you dancing” is yours, feel free to purchase our drop-in classes or full 7 weeks session or request a private class!

Classes are available here.


Maracatu Workshop with Marcela Rabelo from Recife, Brazil on June 6, 2020

We are grateful to announce our 1st Online Class from the series of Summer Samba workshops with guest teachers, artists, advocates of Afro-Brazilian culture, talented dancers and educators from Brazil.

This Saturday, June 6, 11 am we will be hosting a 1,5 hours MARACATU class with Marcela Rabelo straight from Recife, Brazil.

Born in Recife – Pernambuco, Brazil, Marcela has been a dancer, performer and researcher of the popular and traditional dances of Pernambuco and from Northeast of Brazil for several years. Nowadays she is a member of the iconic Maracatu Nação Pernambuco and Cia Artefolia.

Marcela has collaborated with many dance groups, and companies in the Pernambuco art scene, such as Balé Brasílica (Balé Popular do Recife), Criart Cia. de Dança, Balé Cultural de Pernambuco, Batá Kossô, Bantu Afro Brasileiro, Compassos Cia. de Dança and Grupo Experimental (Contemporary Dance). She has also participated in several art shows and festivals, and has been an instructor of rhythms Pernambucanos like Maracatu, Frevo, Caboclinhos, Coco de roda, Ciranda and Xaxado, not only in Recife and across Brazil, but also in countries such as Argentina, Cuba, France, England, Germany and United States.

As a researcher, she dedicates herself to the study of the popular dances of her state and the intertwining with different areas. She is a designer, Specialist in Dance, Body Practice and Thoughts on the Body (Angel Vianna College – RJ) and Master in the Postgraduate Program in Anthropology (Federal University of Pernambuco), focused on dance research in the field of popular culture.

Watch for video updates with the class highlights here.


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Online Vs In-Studio Samba Classes

While Phase 2 is in progress and dance and fitness studios are getting ready to reopen (following the guidelines and abiding by the recommendations and precautions) we are asking our students, followers and anyone interested to leave your feedback and communicate your position on going back to classes in studio training.

Our main facility where we teach 2 hours a week, The Dance Center, released its re-opening plan (read here). This information will be updated on a semi-weekly or even a weekly bases.

We encourage you to stay connected and to express your desire to come back to regular classes or stay online. Also, we appreciate your support in the past 2 months and your dedication to training by taking online classes, to Samba & to yourself (“why” you started to dance Samba).

Contact us via IG @vancouversambaschool or Facebook

YouTube 2

Share your YouTube love with us…

As we are releasing new Online classes available for purchase and training starting April 13, we would like to make a call for those who is taking the class to learn the choreo and film yourself dancing.

We will upload all your videos to our YouTube Channel in order to share love to Samba and to make everyone see you, our precious, beautiful and talented students!

Enjoy your classes and if you have not registered yet, check this link.


New Online Clases

We are very happy to share our updated schedule.

Due to the World’s pandemic situation there will be no in-studio Samba classes for at least 2 more months (last update -> until May 30, 2020), but we would like to continue learning, growing, sharing Samba moments with you and stay active, vibrant & supportive as a community, team and friends.

Please join various ONLINE classes we offer in these interesting times. We hope that our friendly price, live streaming schedule & flexibility in downloading online lessons will help you to continue improving your Samba and dancing skills in the next 7 weeks.



• Download Zoom app • Download Mindbody app

• Please register for the class at least 1 hour prior

SAMBA LEVEL 2 || Register for the link to Download either 1, 7 or 7 + Choreo practices Live Streaming collaboration.

Classes available for purchase here.

We are happy to still operate and provide our Samba experiences for you in Vancouver.

Please support, join, subscribe, like, share.


#Sambday at home

Due to COVID-19 precaution measures, The Dance Centre is closed and might not re-open next week.

I will be giving individual tasks to my current students and will monitor their progress and video updates online.

If you would like to get a personal training or an online group Samba class, contact me directly on Instagram, Facebook or email:

IG: @vancouvesambaschool
Facebook: Vancouver Samba School
YouTube: VancouverSambaSchool
E-mail: vancouversambaschool@gmail.com

Let’s Samba & let’s unite in the joy of dance!



Online Samba Class | Wed | 5.30 pm

Due to the world’s initiative to keep social distancing and to avoid increasing risks of spreading COVID-19, we have collaborated with Baza Dance Studios to hold BEGINNER SAMBA CLASSES ONLINE for a little while.

Now, anyone can join Beginner Samba no Pé and support the cause, our dance community in Vancouver, Baza Dance and Vancouver Samba School.


All you need to join the class:

• Free space at home

• 50 min of free time to sweat and enjoy

• Water, towel, regular athletic wear (barefoot or shoes)

Let’s Samba together.


P.S. To support the initiative, share the link with friends and family to join online Samba training, Donate or buy gift cards to attend drop-in classes in future.

Together we are stronger!



Dreaming about Carnival in Brazil… we’ve got you!

While Brazilian Carnival 2020 is just around the corner (Feb 21 -26) we are half way through our classes for our Winter Samba Course.

Have you always wanted to go to Brazilian Carnival and dive into the atmosphere of Samba parade, live batucada music at every corner, stunning beautiful costumes and dance, dance, dance … Samba everywhere you go?

Have you even thought of going to Brazil to parade in the Carnival?

Vancouver Samba School has a little plan for that for 2021.

But for now, we all need to get better in Samba and make it real hot here in classes in Vancouver so we survive Brazilian heat.


Monday | Open Level | 8 pm

Monday | Team Practice | 9 pm

Wednesday | Beginner Samba | 6 pm


No Stress Samba Team Audition

Always wanted to perform and challenge yourself with learning new choreo, gaining new dance skills and contributing to a dance team dynamics? Always wanted to be part of a dance community?

Here is your chance. Your samba chance.

We are calling all interested to join our No Stress Team Audition for 2020 performance season. Explore Brazilian Samba and become a part of our Vancouver Samba Birds team.

Join our class on Monday, January 6, at 8 pm and stay for the the 1st team practice class at 9 pm. And may be you stay for 3/6/12 months?

BONUS: 20 CAD drop-in for 2 hours on January 6 only.

Note: New students only


New Schedule 2020

Samba Classes in 2020 !!!
New Schedule and Prices are available here: VancouverSambaSchool.com

January 1 – Early Birds for classes and team participation

Don’t think twice.
✅ Samba can become your new passion
✅ Samba can replace your cardio workout
✅ Samba can increase you confidence, self-esteem and mood
✅ Samba can improve your stamina, cardio-vascular health and motivate you to work out and stay healthy in general
✅ Samba is super fun and high energy dance that won’t leave you  unhappy
✅ Samba provides a lot of opportunities for performance and cultural representation
✅ Samba connects you with new people or makes your friendship even more fun by attending classes together
✅ Samba is an art, dance, culture, history, new language, traditions
and so much more to learn .

??? Challenge yourself to improve. ???

Connect via email VancouverSambaSchool@gmail.com
Instagram: @vancouversambaschool
Facebook: @VancouverSambaSchool


2019 Samba encounters

December 2019 – What a perfect time to put some stats together and to acknowledge all the hard work of teaching and dedication of students and participants.

Vancouver Samba School stats:

est. March 2019

☆ Taught 70 classes of 1, 1.5 & 2 hours
☆ 100 hours of Samba taught to beginners
☆ 6 free for public classes on Robson Square, Art Gallery, Baza Dance 
☆ Participated in Canada Day Parade on Granville Island (organized by Latincouver)
☆ 6 Beginner Challenge performances in major Vancouver events 
☆ Brazilian Day 2019 performer & vendor (organized by the General Consulate of Brazil in Vancouver)
International Samba Congress 2019 Participant
International Samba Day 2019 participants
☆ Participant at Samba Malandro workshop with @AninhaMalandro 
☆ Vancouver Samba Birds Team est. Sept 2019
☆ Launched our website VancouverSambaSchool.com

Thank you all!!

Use hashtags to help promoting our work and watch our progress.
#VancouverSambaSchool #VSS #SambaNoPe #SambaInVancouver #SambaDance #VancouverSamba #SambaTeam #SambaSchool #Samba #SambaClasses #SambaPerformance #SambaBirds #VancouverSambaBirds


Vancouver Showcase 2019 Samba Performance

November for Vancouver Dance community is the time to showcase your hard work and accomplishments during the year with your students, dance/ performance teams. It is the time to debut your new dance routines, perform with a new team or show your perfected old routine, it’s also time to celebrate a productive year of dancing, creating and building a stronger Dance community.

Vancouver Showcase always brings the best local and international teams and teachers together to enjoy the weekend of dancing, taking workshops and performing.

Get to know our new Vancouver Samba Birds Team on Friday, November 8, at the #VancouverShowcase Welcome Party at Duello. We will perform our new cute routine.
Tickets can be purchased here: SalsaStudio.net


Intro to Samba

Have you always wanted to include a fun and creative cardio work out into your mix?

Let’s make your Fall a little warmer. Now that the summer is gone we are heating up the dance studios with Brazilian vibes and energy and making you sweat while learning a new and unique dance skill.

Samba is for everyone, so dont be shy to join and get motivated by seeing your progress and having fun in class!