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We are happy to announce that SAMBA INTRO classes are back to VSS and to Vancouver. This is your perfect chance to start learning Brazilian samba from scratch. These friendly a moderate pace lessons will leave you happy with the results and skills learnt after each session. Samba classes are also a great place to make new friends, to release some after work stress and to get fitter and overall healthier. At VSS, we have been specializing on teaching beginner classes since the 1st day, 4 year ago. We are proud of all the hundreds of students who have danced with us and those who pursued their dance careers further. 8 weeks progressive course starts in May 2023. Register or read more here.

Dance Trip 2023. Puerto Vallarta,Mexico

Dance Trip 2023 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Have you always wanted to travel and dance and be in a great company, and may be even perform on International stage? How about swimming in the ocean every morning before your 3 hours dance class every day? How about going on adventurous trips or massage and having a personal driver deliver you to places? How about having someone experienced and knowledgeable showing you around? Want to have fun and also to improve your dance skills? or may be finally learn to dance? salsa? bachata? cha-cha-cha? Samba? you choose! This is a tailored trip for only 3 individuals who are willing to have fun and enjoy life dancing.

More info at: DANCE TRIP INFO
Registe here: SHOP

Samba Choreo class in Vancouver, Canada. Brazilian dance in Vancouver

Samba Choreo class returns to VSS. Sign up now to be part part the team later.

Samba choreo class in Vancouver, Canada

Samba Choreo class is a fun and challenging way to advance your samba skills, to train your body & mind, to be part of the team, to shine on stage of city events & to aim for bigger accomplishments, dreams and goals in samba, dance & life.

Samba Drills training sessions are “must” to attend in order to join samba choreo classes. This will greatly help the whole team to progress faster, as well as each team member to have a feel of satisfaction after the class & to have sense of accomplishment & reward when we all shine on stage or a class dance floor.

Location: The Dance Center at 677 Davie Street Downtown, Vancouver

Time: Monday, 8-9 pm

Dates: March 26 – April 24, 2023


Samba Drills classes in Vancouver, Brazilian Samba, dance in Vancouver

Samba Drills classes start in March. Register now

Samba classes in Vancouver, Canada

Brazilian samba classes by Vancouver Samba School are back to Vancouver. Sounds funny, but yes, 2023 classes will resume on March 27 (start date) with Samba choreo class and will follow up with March 29 (start date) Samba Drills class. Watch for updates for Beginner Samba classes – starting in April 2023.

Samba Drills class is tailored for those who have already taken their first steps in Brazilian samba before, and want to advance the technique , speed, improvization skills, performance confodance and dance vocabulary. Samba Drills class is also a pre-requisite to enter Samba Choreo class.

Location: The Dance Center at 677 Davie Street, Vancouver

Time: Wednesday, 5.15 – 6.15 pm

Dates: March 29 – April 26, 2023



Sub-teacher alert – Welcome Christine Tutt

We are proud and happy to announce our first sub-teacher, school-grown and fam-loved Christine.

Christine has been training Brazilian samba with Vancouver Samba School since the beginning of 2020 (training non-stop, no-excuse, online and offline). She has also been performing for the last 2 seasons (years) in all our shows and dance performances with Yulia. She is professional, fun, dedicated and very passionate about samba and dance in general. Christine is very caring, she offers her support and attention to everyone who joins our team or classes. One more note – she is so beautiful that you would not want to stop looking at her. But, try to stay focused and learn as much as you can, cause she knows the tricks and techniques to make you a good samba dancer in 3 months.

Christine’s bio:

Professional dance coach and choreographer for award winning Hip Hop dance teams, Christine Tutt is a
professional dancer with years of specialized and varied training – from Jazz and Hip-Hop to
Contemporary and Burlesque. 
Formally trained under local Vancouver Entertainer and notable BC Entertainment Hall of Famer Fran
Dowie, and by 5 time Ralph Hiltz award winner and BC Entertainment Hall of Famer Kay Armstrong,
Christine was already a professional performer by the age of 10.  With her love for dance, Christine has
gained substantial experience, training and numerous performances in varied dance styles such as
Egyptian Belly Dance, Brazilian Samba, Jazzercise, Dance Fit, Hip-Hop, Break-dance, Jazz and Burlesque. 
Christine has extensive knowledge of the human body, dance and fitness as well as instruction obtained
through her training and certifications in formal Ballet, Yoga, Fitness Theory, and hands-on instruction
experience. After a short break from teaching Christine is dipping her toe back in with Vancouver Samba
School. Christine aims to continually create safe, fun and encouraging spaces for dancers of all levels and

Just some of her formal Certifications:

       Group Fitness Theory – 2006
       Fitness Theory – 2006
       Hatha Yoga Teaching – 2000
       YogaFit Teaching – 2005
       Yoga and Continuum Teaching – 2003
       RAD Advanced Foundation (Ballet) – 1991

Christine will be teaching Beginner samba class every Tuesday at 5.15 pm at One Thousand Rivers studio, starting November 1st, 2022. Class info here.

Beginner Samba Class in November 2022

Beginner samba class alert

November 1 – November 22 and November 29 – December 20, 2022

We are offering 2 more beginner sessions in 2022 for those who wanted to start something new – dance samba, but was waiting till the very last minute this year. The time is now! Join one or both sessions and learn from “scratch” as well as join Beginner classes to refresh your knowledge and/or to polish your skills if you already started.

We would also like to introduce you to our sub-teacher, Christine Tutt, who will be leading the class. Read more about Christine here. Come enjoy the atmosphere, have fun and get yourself in shape with us.

Class registration available via email or PayPal purchase here.

Samba Drills 2022

Samba Drills classes in Downtown Vancouver

Every Tuesday at 5 pm. 1.5 hours class of hard work that pays off with incredible mood, diva attitude and new friends and team. What to expect? – lots of sweat and cardio and stamina training, improvisation and “stage presence” drilling. We practice improvisation, drill sequences, love dancing in shoes and working as a team. Intermediate level for anyone who has more than 6 months of Beginner samba training experience and for those with a dance background. Come challenge yourself, and next time you might find yourself on stage performing with us and representing Brazilian Culture.


Beginner Samba Class

Every Friday at 5 pm at One Thousand Rivers studio at 54 W 4th Ave.
Come join our 7 weeks course from September 15 to October 28), 2022 and join our samba joy and love team for more. We learn from zero, you don’t need any experience and everyone is welcome.
Basic samba steps, music, basic moves and sequences, small choreo for fun and lots of conditioning and very good sweat in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Joy is guaranteed.

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Dance Trip 2022.2

November 1-7 is your time to enjoy life, learn dance or improve your skills, lay down at the beach, eat good food, and laugh with new friends and great company. It’s your week to have an easy vacation. We will take care of everything.

VSS offers something that will take days to organize and manage, will take grey hair to communicate and decide how to get to places. We offer a great opportunity for dancers to expand their knowledge and community, to learn from Latin dancers in Mexico and to get inspired. We offer an opportunity for beginners to jump into the world of dance. We offer sweat and relaxation in 6 days. With luxurious views, peaceful and beautiful sunsets, morning walks at the beach which is literally downstairs, infinity pool and “infinity” balcony, and with a great company, you will not want to go back home.

Register before October 1 and get $100 off your package price. REGISTER HERE.


Samba classes in Vancouver, August 2022

It’s nice and sunny outside. May be even a little too hot. So, we decided to relocate back to the Dance Centre (677 Davie Street, Downtown Vancouver) and samba in a spacious and bright studio with air conditioner and also a big patio. Sounds awesome!

Join us for 2 classes every Friday starting August 5 (followed by August 12, 19, 26)

5:15 – 6:15 PM – Samba Drills

6:15 – 7:15 PM – Samba Choreo (VSS team)

4 classes pass – Samba drills – $80 CAD
8 classes – Samba drills + Samba choreo – $160 CAD

Drop-in is available for 5:15 – 6:15 PM class – $22 CAD

Let’s samba. #SambaUnites


VSS at Carnaval del Sol 2022, Vancouver

We were so happy to share Brazilian culture and dance with everyone who attended #CSOL2022 Carnaval Del Sol this year. We consider this event to be a highlight of Vancouver summer. Diversity, community, art, talent, hard work, beauty and joy – this are the words we hear when thinking about Carnaval Del Sol… and latina, of course =)

Please enjoy our videos on Instagram and Facebook. We will share our picture samba love with online followers here.

Samba Drills 2022

Samba Drills classes in May – July 2022

Starting May 3, we are back to One Thousand Rivers studio to teach Samba L2 classes. Register for 5 weeks in May or 4 weeks in June to truly advance your samba skills and work on that dance stamina, to enjoy a big group spirit and to feel lots of happiness and satisfaction after each class. Team members attend the class as well, so you can always have someone to look up for and to feel support from. We also allow drop ins for this class if you are up for a challenge. Reach out at

or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for class videos or new updates.

Promo Samba Reggae May 2022

Samba Reggae Summer Challenge

Have you heard of Brazilian Samba or took a beginner classes with us? But never heard of Samba Reggae?

Samba has so many “faces” and styles, and each of them is deeply rooted in the Afro-Brazian culture. Therefore, in May, we decided to present a new challenge & introduce you to Samba Reggae. Samba Reggae is a fun combination of Jamaican Reggae & Brazilian Samba. Great vibes, groovy moves & beats, carnival and community spirit, music that will make you smile & dance. We will learn samba basics & understand the differences in samba no pé and samba reggae footwork, in 6 weeks we will also complete a full choreo to showcase later. As part of the course, we will talk about the history of the dance and its significance in Afro-Brazilian culture. As a culmination of the course, a performance opportunity will be granted as well as a professional videoshoot where our Samba Reggae team will shine.

Register through Baza Dance by finding Monday, May, 16 in the calendar.


Dance Trip 2022.1

Have you been looking for fun, active and at the same time relaxing trip? Missed travelling, vacation and great company? Looking for a group of like-minded people to explore new cities and countries. Just tired of working and need vacation, but don’t want to get lazy and want to join professional semi-private dance classes? Want to come back with full of new knowledge and experience? Want to join us for 7 days trip to Mexico?

Puerto Vallarta, April 9 -17, 2022. 3 packages are available now. All of them include 15 hours of dance, video project, transfer, massage and adventure trips. More information available here.