Robson Square Solo performance

Summer Samba Series

Ready to meet Summer 2020 with a lot of Samba classes, mood and vibes?
We are releasing a new series of pre-recorded Samba Level 2 classes available for purchase, as well as new Zoom Live sessions opened for anyone with #Samba experience to join.

Have you always wanted to polish your Samba skills? Have you wanted to take time for yourself and dance like nobody is watching? Have you always wanted to take Samba class on your own pace? Or may be you just really wanted to challenge yourself with 70 min Samba cardio… wanted to join the team for future performances, wanted to enjoy dancing with a group of positive and wonderful women? Whichever “why are you dancing” is yours, feel free to purchase our drop-in classes or full 7 weeks session or request a private class!

Classes are available here.

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