Samba Series L2 – 16 classes Pass


7 weeks Online Samba Level 2 (pre-recorded 70 min classes ) & 7 LIVE Samba L2  Classes on ZOOM

Plus 2 special workshops with Samba masters Bellinha Delfim and Gabriel Castro from Brazil.


Summer Samba Series.

16 hours of training, 7 hours of LIVE classes and 7 hours of “pause as much as you want” pre-recorded Samba L2 classes and 2 hours of special workshop classes with world-renown dancers & teachers Bellinha Delfim and Gabriel Castro.

Zoom streaming is scheduled for Wednesday || 8.00 PM

Special classes will be scheduled on Saturdays || 11 AM Vancouver time

Password to Zoom meeting and the link will be provided after payment is received.

Stay tuned, performances pop up with no notice =)