Yulia Terekh – Samba Instructor

Vancouver Samba School (VSS) is founded by Yulia Terekh, a true passionate dancer and performer of Latin and Afro-Brazilian cultural dances, and a dedicated Capoeira martial artist. It’s through Capoeira she fell in love with Brazilian Samba in 2011. Since then, Yulia has performed in various Latin and Afro-Brazilian shows in Canada and internationally, she has taken workshops and classes with the world renown dancers and professionals from Brazil, Europe, Latin and North America, performed in various venues and paraded multiple times in Brazilian Carnivals in Vancouver. Yulia continues to expand her knowledge and skills in dance and cultural aspects of samba in order to pass it down to her students and all interested. VSS is founded to further promote Brazilian Culture and the beauty of Brazilian Samba dance in Vancouver by offering Beginner and Intermediate classes for public, as well as granting performance and international trips opportunities to Samba Congresses and Samba Carnival in Rio de Janeiro for its students.


Is to create a community of Samba dancers in Vancouver and BC, to support all interested in learning about Samba, Afro-Brazilian dances and Brazilian Culture in general. I aim to learn more as a student, so I can pass down more as a teacher. Dance classes are offered to share the beauty of Samba as a dance and a performing art with the world.


You know that you are beautiful, smart, very attractive, and gorgeous. It is time to truly feel it! Explore what you can or could not do just yet, impress yourself, empower others!! Learn what you can’t, improve and develop new skills! Never give up! Samba!


Grew up being a gymnast back in USSR. Found my passion in Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art) and Afro-Brazilian Dance back in 2011 when in Canada.

2006 – 2009 Learned and performed all styles of dances, incl. Sexy stilettos, Hip-Hop, Belly Dancing, Port De Bras, Modern.

2009 – 2013 Taught Burlesque style classes in Russia and Canada (Sexy stilettos). The class can be described as a delicate combination of fitness, beauty and choreography.

2013 – 2015 Performed Afro-Brazilian dances all around the world (Samba no Pe, Maracatu, Coco de Roda, Afro, Maculele, Colheita, other)

2015 – 2019 Performing Latin dances internationally (Salsa, Bachata, Latin fusion)

I find myself in the right place when teaching people, looks like people find their new selves as well when I teach them ;)) I get inspired by seeing people’s progress and smiles on their faces.