Samba Choreo class in Vancouver, Canada. Brazilian dance in Vancouver

Samba Choreo class returns to VSS. Sign up now to be part part the team later.

Samba choreo class in Vancouver, Canada

Samba Choreo class is a fun and challenging way to advance your samba skills, to train your body & mind, to be part of the team, to shine on stage of city events & to aim for bigger accomplishments, dreams and goals in samba, dance & life.

Samba Drills training sessions are “must” to attend in order to join samba choreo classes. This will greatly help the whole team to progress faster, as well as each team member to have a feel of satisfaction after the class & to have sense of accomplishment & reward when we all shine on stage or a class dance floor.

Location: The Dance Center at 677 Davie Street Downtown, Vancouver

Time: Monday, 8-9 pm

Dates: March 26 – April 24, 2023


Samba Drills classes in Vancouver, Brazilian Samba, dance in Vancouver

Samba Drills classes start in March. Register now

Samba classes in Vancouver, Canada

Brazilian samba classes by Vancouver Samba School are back to Vancouver. Sounds funny, but yes, 2023 classes will resume on March 27 (start date) with Samba choreo class and will follow up with March 29 (start date) Samba Drills class. Watch for updates for Beginner Samba classes – starting in April 2023.

Samba Drills class is tailored for those who have already taken their first steps in Brazilian samba before, and want to advance the technique , speed, improvization skills, performance confodance and dance vocabulary. Samba Drills class is also a pre-requisite to enter Samba Choreo class.

Location: The Dance Center at 677 Davie Street, Vancouver

Time: Wednesday, 5.15 – 6.15 pm

Dates: March 29 – April 26, 2023


Samba Drills 2022

Samba Drills classes in May – July 2022

Starting May 3, we are back to One Thousand Rivers studio to teach Samba L2 classes. Register for 5 weeks in May or 4 weeks in June to truly advance your samba skills and work on that dance stamina, to enjoy a big group spirit and to feel lots of happiness and satisfaction after each class. Team members attend the class as well, so you can always have someone to look up for and to feel support from. We also allow drop ins for this class if you are up for a challenge. Reach out at

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