Promo Samba Reggae May 2022

Samba Reggae Summer Challenge

Have you heard of Brazilian Samba or took a beginner classes with us? But never heard of Samba Reggae?

Samba has so many “faces” and styles, and each of them is deeply rooted in the Afro-Brazian culture. Therefore, in May, we decided to present a new challenge & introduce you to Samba Reggae. Samba Reggae is a fun combination of Jamaican Reggae & Brazilian Samba. Great vibes, groovy moves & beats, carnival and community spirit, music that will make you smile & dance. We will learn samba basics & understand the differences in samba no pé and samba reggae footwork, in 6 weeks we will also complete a full choreo to showcase later. As part of the course, we will talk about the history of the dance and its significance in Afro-Brazilian culture. As a culmination of the course, a performance opportunity will be granted as well as a professional videoshoot where our Samba Reggae team will shine.

Register through Baza Dance by finding Monday, May, 16 in the calendar.