New Online Clases

We are very happy to share our updated schedule.

Due to the World’s pandemic situation there will be no in-studio Samba classes for at least 2 more months (last update -> until May 30, 2020), but we would like to continue learning, growing, sharing Samba moments with you and stay active, vibrant & supportive as a community, team and friends.

Please join various ONLINE classes we offer in these interesting times. We hope that our friendly price, live streaming schedule & flexibility in downloading online lessons will help you to continue improving your Samba and dancing skills in the next 7 weeks.



• Download Zoom app • Download Mindbody app

• Please register for the class at least 1 hour prior

SAMBA LEVEL 2 || Register for the link to Download either 1, 7 or 7 + Choreo practices Live Streaming collaboration.

Classes available for purchase here.

We are happy to still operate and provide our Samba experiences for you in Vancouver.

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New Schedule 2020

Samba Classes in 2020 !!!
New Schedule and Prices are available here: VancouverSambaSchool.com

January 1 – Early Birds for classes and team participation

Don’t think twice.
✅ Samba can become your new passion
✅ Samba can replace your cardio workout
✅ Samba can increase you confidence, self-esteem and mood
✅ Samba can improve your stamina, cardio-vascular health and motivate you to work out and stay healthy in general
✅ Samba is super fun and high energy dance that won’t leave you  unhappy
✅ Samba provides a lot of opportunities for performance and cultural representation
✅ Samba connects you with new people or makes your friendship even more fun by attending classes together
✅ Samba is an art, dance, culture, history, new language, traditions
and so much more to learn .

??? Challenge yourself to improve. ???

Connect via email VancouverSambaSchool@gmail.com
Instagram: @vancouversambaschool
Facebook: @VancouverSambaSchool


Samba in Progress

With 3 classes in, Vancouver Samba School is growing its wings, getting new students and also getting better in Samba.

A team of beautiful ladies who joined the 12 Weeks Intro course to Brazilian Samba is getting better and better each day (better to say each Monday).

Every class we work on basics and review hand positioning, footwork, body isolation and full body work technique, we focus on minor details in our initial steps in Samba world. It is better to fix it now than relearn later.

It is not too late to join the 12 weeks course and it is never to late to start learning. Come check VSS classes at The Dance Centre.

Schedule is available online and on Facebook.

Monday, 7.30 – 9 PM

Let’s Samba!