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We are happy to announce that SAMBA INTRO classes are back to VSS and to Vancouver. This is your perfect chance to start learning Brazilian samba from scratch. These friendly a moderate pace lessons will leave you happy with the results and skills learnt after each session. Samba classes are also a great place to make new friends, to release some after work stress and to get fitter and overall healthier. At VSS, we have been specializing on teaching beginner classes since the 1st day, 4 year ago. We are proud of all the hundreds of students who have danced with us and those who pursued their dance careers further. 8 weeks progressive course starts in May 2023. Register or read more here.

Samba Drills 2022

Samba Drills classes in May – July 2022

Starting May 3, we are back to One Thousand Rivers studio to teach Samba L2 classes. Register for 5 weeks in May or 4 weeks in June to truly advance your samba skills and work on that dance stamina, to enjoy a big group spirit and to feel lots of happiness and satisfaction after each class. Team members attend the class as well, so you can always have someone to look up for and to feel support from. We also allow drop ins for this class if you are up for a challenge. Reach out at

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Brazilian Samba First Class Overview

Vancouver Samba School | First Class | March 25, 2019

Open House Class was a Great Success!!

It did not matter what your dance level, your age, gender or position at work were… We all have enjoyed dancing Samba so much that the smiles did not come off our faces even for hours after the class.

I want to personally thank everyone who found time to join the class and had enough interest to try Brazilian Samba. Everyone of you mattered a lot and made the atmosphere of the event special.

Yes, we only had 1 hour to learn as much as I could teach you and you could learn in the class, and this hour went by so fast. I was amazed how great everyone did endured the fun.

Yes, there were people who took their first ever dance lesson in life and those who perform professionally. Those people were equally happy and satisfied.

And yes, more classes to come.

The Beginner Intro starts on April 1st, Monday, at 7.30 to 9 PM.

1.5 hours class of footwork, body isolation, hand positioning, patterns, sequences and a small dance routine are coming.

Join the “club” 🙂


Founder of Vancouver Samba School