Samba Queens


Ready to embark on a completely new journey of samba performances, demos and shows? Want to be part of the team or train as a team? Want to gain deeper knowledge of what Samba is about? No, we are not talking just about shows, shiny costumes and feathers, we are talking about COMMUNITY! We invest in each other, rely on each other and build each other as a team and dancers collective.



10 weeks session starts on Tuesday, May 14, 2024

DATES: MAY 14 – JULY 16, 2024

⏰️ TIME: 5 – 6 pm

WHERE: The Dance Centre @thedancecentrebc at 677 Davie St.
Level 7 (Marcuse studio)

WHAT: Exclusive class for current members of Vancouver samba school. we train as passistas and performers, we learn choreographies and improvisation skills, we discuss future plans and help each other to grow. We build a team while enjoying samba culture and referring our learnings to the roots. we are committed, loyal and patient, we are happy to be part of each other lives. we sweat together & we know #Sambaunites

For class videos, find us on Instagram @vancouversambsachool

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