BEGINNER SAMBA – online class


Always wanted to learn Brazilian Samba but don’t have a studio nearby, and don’t know where to start? Beginner Samba class is your online option to learn Brazilian samba at home. Medium-paced lesson with thorough instructions, easy to follow and engaging guidance into the world of Brazilian samba. Start from zero and advance with each new online class.


This 45 minutes class will give you the most structured and technical jump-start to learn Brazilian Samba:

1. Warm up
2. Basic beat and hips work
3. Basic footwork – basic step
4. Hands positioning
5. Basic moves and transitions
6. Basic samba sequence

This class is designed for those who wanted to start samba class from scratch and wants to keep this class on repeat until confident to move on. Mainly focusing on footwork, on-time hips movement, hands position and basic movements. Great, structured and medium paced class professionally recoded for anyone around the world.

Language: English
Skill level: beginner, level 0

Enjoy your SAMBA hour at the comfort of your home and your own time limits.

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