Brazilian Samba Dance Class Open House

1st Intro class is here for you to learn basic steps, shake it, stretch it, move it, feel it, groove it and also to find out about the upcoming 12 weeks Intro Session and simply feel the energy of Samba in Vancouver.

Location: Kraul Studio, 4 floor at The Dance Centre
Date: March 25, Monday
Time: 6 pm – 7 pm
Drop-in: $10 CAD cash

Shoes: flats, regular fitness shoes, barefeet, socks (your choice)

Outfit: Anything you would wear to a dance or yoga class

If you are late just drop in without interruption, we will greet you anyway though.

We will only have 1 hour in that studio. All other talks can be done outside in the lounge area after the class.

I love to give answers.

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