Online Samba L2 – Class 8


Great cardio and endurance training Samba class with lots of new and interesting transitions, sequences and moves.

Music: “Tiro Onda” by Jair Oliveira

Class 1, Class 2, Class 3Class 4Class 5 ,Class 6, Class 7 from previous series are also available for training.


This 70 minutes class includes:

Warm up
Samba L2 drills
Samba Choreo
Cool down & stretch

This class is designed for those who have trained or danced Samba before and have a knowledge of a basic Samba step, hands movement, transitions and variations. This is a great class for someone who wants a challenge of jumping from beginner level to Level 2+. It is also a great lesson for those dancers and students who love learning new moves and drilling them in a combination of other previously-learned sequences and Samba steps.

It’s a faster pace class, so expect to be challenged with cardio, endurance and speed. Get your water ready as you would not want to step out for a refill for too long. This class will keep you focused and will keep your brain busy. What can be better than fully emerging into this 70-80 minutes Samba experience.

After registering & paying for a class, you will receive an e-mail with the password to access The Video Page.

Enjoy your SAMBA hour at the comfort of your home & your own time limits.

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