Online Samba L2 – class 6


Online Samba L2 class – pre-recorded – Week 6

In this class we introduce you to Maracatu dance and its basics. We will mix samba and Maracatu in a fusion choreo and cover basic moves of Maracatu and Orixas. On top, you will work on your Samba technique and improve your dancer’s stamina. The class is designed to educate you and to give you a great cardio Samba workout.

Music: “Xango” by Samba Squad

Class 1, Class 2, Class 3Class 4 and Class 5 are also available for training.


This 70 minutes class includes:

Warm up
Basic Maracatu movement
Samba L2 drills
Samba fusion choreo
Cool down & stretch

This class is designed for those who have trained or danced Samba before and have a knowledge of a basic Samba step, hands movement, transitions and variations. This is a great class for someone who wants a challenge of jumping from beginner level to Level 2+. It is also a great lesson for those dancers and students who love learning new moves and drilling them in a combination of other previously-learned sequences and Samba steps.

It’s a faster pace class, so expect to be challenged with cardio, endurance and speed. Get your water ready as you would not want to step out for a refill for too long. This class will keep you focused and will keep your brain busy. What can be better than fully emerging into this 70-80 minutes Samba experience.

We will warm up going over Maracatu basics, will drill samba exercises to improve your technique and Samba style, we will also work on the moves and sequences that will be used in the choreo. To finish up we will do a slight stretch (as a good stretch should also take an hour) to let that sweat dry and to release muscle tension.

Each drop-in class is independent, however you might want to take all 7 classes series to get a full experience and learn all the new moves. You can have several nice choreos out of all the sequences.

After registering & paying for a class, you will receive an e-mail with the password to access The Video Page.

Enjoy your SAMBA hour at the comfort of your home & your own time limits.

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